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I’ve not been arting or crafting lately, although 4 of us women painters went to the Skagit Valley tulip fields to paint and photograph. Although I’m so rusty at watercolor painting, I’ll still call myself a painter, albeit a bad one right now! I’m in full garden work mode both with clients and in my own garden, which is an absolute mess. I’m kind of embarrassed about posting any photos of the garden right now, due to its general disorder, but that seems to be life in general for me – a kind of ebullient disorder and riot of color and chaos. I have culled my dahlia plants down from 100 to somewhere near 70 and some of my favorites have rotted. Hope to have a tuber sale at month’s end. Hoping to cull more but I just can’t do it right now. I love all my dahlias.

Here are a few pics to let you know I’m not a total blogging slacker.

This was taken from my art show (sold two paintings, one old and one new!) Excuse the poor quality; it’s kind of hard to photograph things while they’re on the walls. This is my Frida Kahlo wall quilt.  The Frida fabric was given me by a fantastic quilt artist named Maggie Kaplan. The hanging devices (clips) are cheesy – no time to sew on hanging sleeves or tabs. “Oh well”  – it worked! As you can see, I’m not (yet) comfortable with the “quilting” part;  hence, the minimal amount of quilting to hold the thing together. Still too chicken to try free-motion quilting…working up the nerve.



The next picture is of the tulip fields – total ecstatic immersion experience! It’s joyous and breath taking – those flat horizontal expanses of color, and the clouds stacked up in the sky in the same horizontal rows. Being there immersed in it all is the absolute best. We had the perfect weather and light to see the colors. Now, a bit removed from the awe-inspiring experience, i can see quilt inspiration.



The last pic is of my messy garden. I tried not to show all the strewn pots, plastic, dahlia tubs, and weeds. The kale is blooming for the bees. ❤ It’ll be fun to see how this morphs along as the season continues.


Must go outside now!


One thought on “Gardening!

  1. I don’t think your garden looks at all messy. Its just beautiful!

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