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Art postcards: what fun!


Been taking a once-a-month bookmaking class at the local Senior Center, where we are learning to make a book with pockets. We have a great teacher – John – he is enthusiastic, creative, generous with his amazingly cool array of materials and use of tools, and he’s loads of fun! We segued into making art postcards for each other (which conveniently fit into the pockets of our books.) I mailed mine out yesterday and so far, have received 5 from John and some other wonderfully creative people. I love it!

At first, I was skeptical. Was I was crazy for adding another distraction, keeping me from “real art?” (whatever I think THAT is! Did i read my last blog post that someone automatically wrote in a trance?) Why would I make “arty” books.? But that was before John, our fearless leader. Mailing, and receiving, these postcards has helped me rediscover my love for the United States Postal Service. It’s fun to give, and get, REAL mail –  Arty mail.

Here’s what my book looks like (all the books looked GREAT).  Here’s a picture of the front cover, then one of the book opened to reveal a few pockets, containing some of the FAB postcards I received:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA















This is one of the postcards I didn’t (yet) send.

Through John’s delightful tutelage, I’m reminded that art for art’s sake – or rather, play/fooling around, for the sake of play – is FUN, stress-reducing, and entertaining.  And to my mind, it’s necessary. We human animals are designed for PLAY. It’s good to get lost and not know where you’re going, and find your way through the colored paint splatters and glitter. Who needs a TV?

Happy Crafting – Just for the fun of it.


2 thoughts on “Art postcards: what fun!

  1. What a great reminder to just go for it and have fun. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, audacious! Yes, we all need reminders to have fun and go for it! Thanks for visiting!

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