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A Finish from 2014


I’m trying to revive this badly neglected blog. So many unfinished projects all over the place! While at quilt camp in January, I did a few finishes, a few starts, and had a lot of fun fooling around with some experiments, which I will post later. Some of those need finishing, too!

This is a rather subdued (for me) lap quilt that is finally finished to give to Domestic Violence. It’s made with orphan squares, then simple sashing and using scraps and pieces I had, but that are not “my” colors, and making it work.  Sorry about the pictures. Had no way to hold it up and we just had a big rain!

Compared to some of my first efforts I think my quilting and piecing are improving, despite the fact that I’ve yet to like anything by machine that I’ve quilted. This is still with the polyester batting that I was given. I think I will put the rest of the poly batting in a donation pile and move on to better batting  and see if it can make a difference!


I tried wavy lines with the walking foot. I am usually happy with my piecing and then frustrated with my quilting. I always feel that I ruin it with the quilting. Despite the funkiness and not matching the lines, I think I am happier with my quilting on this one.

I’m still too scared of Free Motion Quilting to try it. Maybe I need to go to hand quilting or tying? Anyway – one more DONE!

3 thoughts on “A Finish from 2014

  1. Found your blog through a comment you left on the Fire blog–make up some small quilt sandwiches about 12×12″ and practice free motion quilting on them. If you don’t like how they turned out, throw them away and start another one! Use fusible batting for them, they will be a little stiffer and easier to move under your needle. And wear some rubbery gardening gloves to help you move the piece. I’m a free motion quilting addict and this is how I started.

  2. Laura, thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for the good advice! I’ll try the fusible batting. Anything to get me over the fear! Thanks for the link to your blog, too; I love your latest baby quilt with the fused flowers and FMQ – beautiful colors, composition, and quilting! Peeked a little further; your quilts are gorgeous, and you’re a great FMQ! I think your blog will be an inspiration. Do you do a lot of hand dyeing? your fabric choices are luscious. Thanks for the encouragement and I just signed up to follow your blog via email. Thanks again!

  3. Hi again, hope you are practicing your free motion quilting! The more you do it, the easier it will get. Yes, I dye most of my own fabrics now, but still have a stash of commercial fabrics that I feel obligated to use up. Some was even my mother’s stuff, that I “inherited” and I don’t even like most of it. So I overdye it darker colors just to use it up. Haven’t been too good about updating my blog, I dont have a computer and its a pain to do on an iPad.

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