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birdhouse collaboration


I was part of a 3-way collaboration on a birdhouse for a bird festival we are having this weekend. The maker, Joe, hollowed out a cedar round to make the birdhouse. I was the painter, and Zachariah was the “roofer” – he did a two-tiered copper roof (which is just how i would have roofed it, but would have probably made it labor-intensive and arduous, using tiny shingles!) My painting on it is funky and amateurish, but still took a surprisingly long time. Oh well – at least it is whimsical. Too bad you can’t see the glitter in the photos. 🙂 I like the collaboration process.



I didn’t get a picture of the birdhouse with the roof on, but  it was fun doing something a bit creative in the midst of full-on gardening season and too many other “have to” projects getting in the way of art, as usual. There are going to be a lot of fun birdhouses on display this Saturday, but since I will be having my annual dahlia tuber sale the same day, I probably won’t attend the festivities.

4 thoughts on “birdhouse collaboration

  1. This is so cute. Where do you live, it’s so green there compared to the northeast, where I live. We barely have any green grass yet, and no leaves on the trees yet. So far only daffodils are blooming.

  2. hi Laura; thanks for the comment! Although iI’m originally from Phila Pa, i’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for a long time. we had a very mild wet winter – but no snow pack, which will mean drought this summer. The NE has really been hammered the past two winters – maybe more!

  3. Wish I could be there for the bird festival!

  4. Connie! I think of you often! How are you doing? How are your wonderful knits? I have been swamped with stuff that keeps me away from the creative blogs like yours. 😦 Will go over and take a peek. I always love your photography too. You live in a wonderful place but yes of course we miss you here, and I missed getting to see you on your last visit.

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