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This year has put me – all of us on this planet – through so many changes so far… some personal changes, as well as global. Lots of losses – starting with the death of the iconic David Bowie, and some people I really liked and loved. Loss of the wildness around our quickly burgeoning, almost unrecognizable town. Lots of letting go, and lots more to come – and grateful for every day still alive on this beloved earth, despite it all.

I’ve been photographing various things that capture my attention, including the forests and wilder sights in or near town – soon to be lost to more greed-fueled development of Air B & Bs, condos for people’s 3rd and 4th homes, and “vacay” rentals, while the workers leave in droves – unaffordable to live here or buy food here or anything else – no rental housing for year round locals anymore. Buying “real estate” is now only for the rich. Houses sit empty most or all of the year. They are not homes; they are golden cash cows.

Almost all of the wildness is gone in and around town.  So much accelerated destruction and development. So while what little wildness left, however fleetingly, I am out trying to enjoy and appreciate the rich, complex, and interdependent worlds within worlds contained in forest and wetland ecosystems, watersheds and tidepools, even while knowing the inevitable what’s “coming soon” – and wondering how we can collectively stop the greed and pillage of nature, and get back to protecting and revering all life, wherever we are, and stop consuming until there is nothing left. You can’t put back mature forest ecosystems once they’re gone, while we’re still insisting that there is no climate change.

I have been so fortunate to live here when things were different. That only contributes to the sadness I now feel, almost unrelentingly. I don’t want to take antidepressants like everyone else I know seems to be doing – I feel that depression is a symptom of the times – to be lived through and learned from, individually AND collectively – since in the USA, at least, we seem collectively depressed – and I personally think the reason for this is free market capitalism and rampant consumerism and greed of the few top dogs trickling down to affect the many. Every day I pray for the awakening of myself and my species, and for the youth and children now and to come, that they may know the beauty of this earth, and do everything to preserve it, and care for it, and for each other.

Soon, I promise – this blog will focus on happier things again – crafting! – and some gardening. I can’t get any new photos to upload, but as soon as I can get help from support, I’ll be back with some pictures of some things I crafted in the last year or so.


2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Wsuch a sad post, but so true. I’m at the point where I hate the consumerism and buy-buy-buy mentality in our country, too. It just seems like an endless quest for the latest everything (iPhones, clothing, makeup, hair products, sneakers, whatever else you can think of). And people are so nasty to each other online, name calling and hurling political insults at each other. So tired of it all! I get away from feeling negative by making things and growing flower, I can ignore the ugliness when I’m doing things that make me feel peaceful.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Laura. Yes, it is a pretty sad post. I will try to lighten up and just post some pictures of crafty and garden-y things. Luckily, we have those things that bring us peace in turbulent times.

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