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This is a test. This is only a test.

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Ha ha – what if at the end of your life you receive this message – that your life was only a test? Is the test pass/fail? Can you flunk out of life? Get honors for a life well lived? Who gets to rate your life?

Well… this IS a test to see if I could post a durned photo on the “new improved” unfamiliar format! Test….Nope! Only worked on the “old” format. Anyone else have this problem with the new format, or a computer this old that can only do pictures on the old format?



Anyway – this is a small wall hanging I made back in fall quilt camp; not a quilt exactly, but hey – I sewed something. Another craft project, another sugar skull. Sorry for the poor photo quality. I’m still afraid of Free Motion Quilting. Mostly I use a walking foot. Lately I just want to hand quilt or tie my quilts and avoid the issue altogether.

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