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A big moss-covered rock –
soft from spring rains; warm
from sun’s rays;
a cushioned lap of green
Come.  Rest.

a still lake so wide
you can’t see the other side.
There, eyeless tadpoles swim,
not needing sight –
yet light
moves us all,
our faces leaning toward the sun
like daffodils.

Sunbeams warm the backs of my hands
resting on my thighs
like lily pads. Still,
I need cool touch of darkness,
cloud, tree, cave;
shade from sun’s scorch,
night’s cloak of sweet relief.

My frog-leg kicks make quiet wakes
as I swim;
crosscurrents fanning out behind
like vees of geese in flight.

The empty rowboat of longing waits
on the far shore.
Where will it carry me?


Something I’ve been thinking about in these times of the harsh glare of industrialization and apocalyptic scenarios; how in these times, only Nature gives relief, connection with all living beings, so that I can relate again to my own species who has harmed this earth I love so much.

2 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. I wonder if this will get to you since it’s on an “old” post? I love the poem, I’ll have to dig mine out about moss covered rocks! And I hear the pain of what’s happening in our world to hurt Nature, which of course hurts us all! I hope you listen to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. There’s a you tube video of her blasting the people who don’t take this all seriously. Can’t wait to have a garden again!! I am inspired by your beautiful flowers!!

  2. Darn! I had a long reply all typed out and then wordpress asked me to log in! yes, i get email notifications when people comment and I so appreciate that you came here even though there is little to see or read. I had said much more in my comment but lost it. Seems we have a LOT in common in many areas of life; including who we like in congress! I wish we had 100 in congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Been watching Tulsi Gabbard under fire in every direction and I am so impressed by her. That is the kind of person I want for a leader. I love it that we do art and write poetry and love this beautiful earth and want to protect it.

    I hope you get a garden again soon. What i love most is right now, watching the queen bumblebees – I think I grow flowers for the bumblebees more than for myself. It’s fun to see the variety of pollenators.

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