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Has it really been a year and a half?


I’ve been so busy – mainly with local environmental activism and too many meetings. I had 3 art shows in 2018 – the big one was mainly a “retrospective” but still some new works too. It was so nice to see so much of my work in one place. That, and gardening, took up the rest of my year!

I had a great time at Fall and Winter quilt camps and got some focused work done on several “flimsies” (quilt tops). I made several fun mosaics.

I didn’t do nearly as much art as I had hoped to do. So far, I’m following that same pattern in 2018 but I hope to do more art and crafting. I hope to get over my fear and block around painting again. I have missed painting. We shall see.

It’s almost gardening season! After a real winter, which I loved – snow especially – the crocuses are blooming and it seems winter has turned to spring literally overnight. Above are some pics from the garden last year.

I’m slowly figuring out the “new” improved Word Press but lost my lovely Yoko theme.

4 thoughts on “Has it really been a year and a half?

  1. Hi madhappycrafter, I am finally checking out your site!! I so appreciate your comments on mine. I love your poem with all the feelings of being there at the lake in the sun, needing the shade, swimming like the frog, pure joy being in nature. I have been a gardener, landscaper, pruner and slowed way down to try my hand at selling my quilts, since I will make them anyway, but live in a tiny house on wheels, and can’t keep them. I’m also starting an online store, so my true desire is to make enough money at that to take my quilts to fairs to interact with people in person, but also to give away quilts to people who would love them, as I have with family.
    I am looking forward to having my own garden again soon. But keep working with my friend who bought my little house I brought my children up in, so am still in the garden I developed over many years.
    I’m with you on the environmental needs and sad things that are happening in our world that we all share!! May better things be on our horizon as the youth and new blood work hard to bring about change!
    Good to get to know you better!!

    • You are so sweet and kind to check out my sporadic site. It sounds like we have a lot in common – but wow! a tiny house on wheels – how I admire you for that! You are doing such a great job at taking over Plaid Portico; a big job I know. I love seeing your quilts and look forward to more inspiration. You have made so many BIG changes; I’m glad the transition can be gradual and that for now you still have your garden space and are sharing with the woman who bought your house where you raised your kids – that sounds lovely. AND yes, here’s to the youth! I stay active so they know that not all boomers are selfish greedsters; that a lot of had the same values way back when, and haven’t sold out, and are standing with them as we all work hard to bring about change! Good to get to know you better, too!

  2. And, I love your art work!! The mosaic at the top, the puppets made by children, your quilts, paintings!! You are quite the artist!!!

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