quilting, mosaicing, painting, and other adventures in making


I’m a gardener by trade and avocation, who has fooled around with a lot of art media for much of my life. My current interests and passions are quilting and mosaicing, but many other interests still hold a place in my life.  I’d like to do more painting again, and want to finish a lot of the WIPs strewn everywhere. I love recycled, re-used. and up-cycled art the best, and it fits my lifestyle. I have some media (such as oil sticks) that I’ve never explored, but hope to find the courage to explore them and share my experiences, successes, failures, and what has been learned. I’d like to learn to play a musical instrument or two, sing more, dance more, write more poetry, etc. Through this blog, I hope to connect with other bloggers who have similar passions and quirks, and cheer each other on through our adventures.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I think I know you and vice versa

  2. of course you do, silly! it’s me – your old pal from long ago and far away. Glad you found my art blog – it’s a lot cheerier than my political/environmental blogs were. much love to you.

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