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Stick Puppets with Kindergarteners

This is the stick puppet project we did in in 3rd quarter. I love kindergarteners – so fearless – and they enthusiastically jump right in and do art! Thought I’d feature some of their adorable puppets; they all did such a fantastic and individualistic job. (I did the assembling and attaching the sticks, and used fasteners to make their arms and legs moveable.)


To make the puppet heads, we used a product called Sculpt-a-Mold; some kind of pulp with glue powder, I suppose. When you got it wet it became sticky and gooey and a mess to work with! But they did it. I made a few extra heads and that was a good thing, since we had new kids come into the school, plus I did several make-up classes for the kids absent for the part where we made the heads – so we had just enough heads for everyone – all 25 kids made finished puppets. I’m so proud of them; they always rise to any occasion and continually impress and amaze me.








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What’s in a blog name?

Why did I call myself and this blog Madhappycrafter?

Lest people be put off by the “Mad” part of this blog name, I thought I’d better explain it a bit. By “Mad,” I don’t mean angry – although at times in the creative process, when one is stuck or frustrated, one can feel anger. The madness I speak of here is a happier kind of madness. All the artists and craft people I know that are any fun, and whose work excites me, are a bit mad. You have to be, to see the inherent art and crafting possibilites in things like candy wrappers, coffee stir sticks, broken table legs, and the like. My “tribe” of Mad people includes people who love to make recycled art, or will go out in a hailstorm to catch that amazing photo op, or stay up all hours of the night quilting, or do a whole series of paintings based on doorknobs.

The “Happy” part is obvious- when I’m making art of any kind I’m happy – whether it’s a painting, or wall quilt, a functional thing like pillow cases or a flower pot, or up to my elbows in garden dirt, or dancing around to some good music, it all brings joy.

the “Crafter” part comes because all art requires craft, from multimedia to dance – from paper piecing quilts to abstract impressionism painting, from crafting poetry to building a garden or cooking a fine meal. We are all crafters. I don’t see a distinction between  “fine” art and “craft,” and get annoyed with those who try to look down their noses at crafters as “not really artists”. Says who?

So there you have it – how this blog name was born.


This is a silly little mixed media hanging I made to cover the metal fuse box in the apartment. This baby is on the hunt – for milk!

Happy Crafting!